Grieving the loss of a loved one is very challenging, especially for a child. Children often feel different, no longer as they did before the loss. They often feel very alone, or out of touch and unable to connect  with their friends and others as they did before. When a child loses a loved one, the loss can have a profound effect on the rest of their life. Emotional, psychological, and physical trauma that often come with loss can challenge children's well-being in many areas of their life. School performance may start to decline, relationships with peers may start to change, interest in sports and hobbies may start to fade, there may be tummy aches or thumb sucking. Even relationships at home may become strained and difficult to navigate. Grief is confusing, there is no template, there is no ‘normal’ and there is no right or wrong way to experience it. Each person, and each child, demonstrates their own unique grief reaction.

As a parent, you wonder if you are doing the right things? Have you said the right things? Shared enough of your own sadness, or have you shared too much? You have noticed changes in your child and you don’t know what to do. Your child may seem aloof or distant, angry or withdrawn, or any combination of these emotions at different times. Unlike adults, children often grieve in spurts- and this can be confusing and upsetting for everyone. With all of this happening, you are trying to navigate your own feelings as well. It’s a lot, and it can be too much to take on alone. I can help.


Loss is not only experienced by death. There are many different types of loss. Other types of loss may include: divorce, deployment, loss of a friend or pet, serious illness of a loved one or self, leaving home, change of job, relocating, graduation, loss of a physical ability, and loss of financial security are a few other types of losses. I work with children and adults on these types of loss issues as well.


Combining play, music, and mindful movement, these groups are for children ages 6+ who are dealing with issues related to loss. There are two different group options: children who are in bereavement and children of divorced, or divorcing parents.  Focus of these groups is to help build support from peers, to process the loss and to creatively identify healthy coping strategies.

*Please contact me for further information on the next group offerings.


Online therapy, tele-health, is a suitable option for individuals who may have a difficult time accessing therapy otherwise, or who may simply prefer the comfort and convenience of an online therapy platform. I offer confidential, on-line psychotherapy for adult residents of Virginia via secure video conferencing platform.